A walk around Dubai in 2003

I got my first digital camera in 2003. I came home to Dubai during one of my semestral breaks and bought a canon cybershot with my birthday money. Back then, I had no idea about the importance of sharp images, depth of field, proper exposure and all that crap. I just wanted to point and shoot, so point and shoot I did.

creek pics
one of the most prominent feature of Dubai is the creek. These photos were taken at the Bur Dubai side of the creek near the Abra stations

You will notice my pictures have date stamps on them. In 2003, they were the “in” thing… lol

the creek is the best place for ‘traditional boats’ boat watching.

The big boats are called “dhows” and they are made of wood. They are mostly used for cargo (from Iran, India, Pakistan).  The small passenger boats are the abras which are the Dubai version of Venice’s water buses.

1) The abra scene up close 2) Yes i use to wear canvass shoes.. they were cool in 2003 3) another abra boat

An abra boat ride use to cost 25 fils when i was young. Now it is AED 1.00 per person.

shaded areas
There are a lot of shaded areas near the creek.

In the Bur Dubai side near the abra station, you will find the old souk which is now revamped. We use to eat Puri with Choley Masala there when we were young. My dad would take us to one of these small Indian kitchens and order that for AED 5. We ate with the laborers in those small kitchens. My brothers and I now think that was cool.

buildings near the creek
1) right- the Dubai Municipality building in Deira with the very still water feature 2) the Musalla Tower in Bur Dubai 3) Twin towers in Deira 4) the souk in Bur Dubai near the abra station
maktoum pedestrian crossing
the pedestrian crossing in maktoum road going towards Deira park

A lot has changed in Dubai since 2003. One, there are more people. Two, there are more buildings. Three, everything is more expensive. Deira Park is also long gone, replaced with the Union Metro station. Nobody wears canvas shoes anymore.


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