Longing for the beach

It’s been a while since I left the house to go anywhere. According to my doctor, I am not allowed to go on long drives or take long walks. The summer has finally hit Dubai and with quite a selection of beaches around here, I am deprived of the privilege to actually enjoy the water and the sea breeze. The best time to go is at sunrise or sunset, when the sun is not at its blazing best. If you go at noon, you are sure to fry like an omelette…

All I am left alone with are pictures of friends going to the beach. My cousin who is staying in Sydney, Australia recently visited the Gold Coast and took some lovely black and white photographs of the beautiful seascape in Queensland.

We all know that the weather down under is the exact opposite of most of the world. When it’s freaking hot out here near the equator (is the middle east near the equator? let’s just suppose it is…), it’s almost winter down there. I love how much drama there is in the skies with the dark clouds. It’s not how you would normally picture a beach paradise (where you can wear skimpy bikinis and bask in the sun), but to me the imposing weather was just beautiful.

All photos taken by my talented cousin Imelda Pascual Sarmiento.

Someone left their slippers
dark clouds reflections
i love the drama of this picture. edited it a bit in lightroom
we have quite a lot of this scenery in Dubai, where civilization meets nature
the beach and the water
i love how the patterns on the sand and in the sky seem to move away from the horizon… it somehow leads you away, not towards… i dont know… im just musing…
the pathway
the pathway that leads to the place where the land meets the sky
tire, ripples and sandscape
1) tire tracks on the sand make good subjects 2) the water ripples echo the clouds 3) sanscapes
the coast, no dogs, more sandscape
1) this picture makes me want to remove my shoes and play in the water 2) dogs are not allowed to poop all over the place 3) the road much travelled

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