The one about the dining tables

Growing up, dinner was always a family thing. My mom would cook, we would set up the table and we would all eat together sans the television. It was always a time of catching up, impromptu lectures, stories about my parents’ childhood and making fun of each other.

In our cramped studio, My husband and I do not have a dining table. We literally eat on a coffee table infront of the television. I am hoping to change all that some time soon especially when my baby booger comes along (I’m praying this year) and instill dinner time as family time.

If I were to have a bigger family (minimum of 4 kids), I can imagine having dinner on one of these tables.

I love the black table with the ornate leg. It is traditional crosses modern. Ooh! and i love the mismatched dining chairs!
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I love how the thick top mixes with thick stainless steel leg. Reminds me of office furniture.
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Lighthouse residence by linebox studio

This table from the NHN house by Aaron Neubert Architects reminds me of bauhaus design. Very upmarket trendy looking.
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NHN house

I love how the table is coordinated with a bench. I am actually looking for something like this for my mom’s house in Manila. It is homey and not too formal.
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beach shack stalking


One thought on “The one about the dining tables”

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