Paul’s mini cake sampler

I love Paul’s.
Paul's UAE facebook page

Though they are pretty much everywhere which makes them very much commercialized, their food and cakes still make you feel special. I love how they do their interiors and even their exteriors, with the characteristic of french cafes, french window panes and french decor which is warm and down to earth and just makes you feel at home.

I don’t eat there that often. Only on very rare occasions. But if it were possible, I would buy their macarons once a month for my affordable macaron fix.

But the other day, before my baby brother and his wife left to go back to Singapore we bought four types of cakes from Paul’s for a sweet afternoon delight.
our cake selection

yummy cakes

We ordered the tiramisu (upper left), strawberry cheesecake (upper right), chocolate cake with banana (don’t remember the name lol, lower left) and a millefeuille with strawberries (lower right).

They taste great as well as they look great. But my favorite is the millefeuille which is a puff pastry with vanilla custard and strawberries which is not too sweet and just perfect with coffee.

If you have no idea where to find a Paul’s cafe, they are pretty much present in all of the shopping malls in the UAE. The one we tried is in Bur Juman, Bur Dubai, right beside ZARA.


4 thoughts on “Paul’s mini cake sampler”

  1. Hi,

    I miss Paul’s Strawberry Cheesecake…I remember it as a favorite birthday cake gift among our friends 🙂


    1. i know how you feel ruby… but you should also try limetree cafe… they have one of the best cheesecakes out there… much more pricier though.


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