Blog Crush: Alessandro Ciapanna

I am a frustrated photographer.

Actually, I’m a frustrated lots of things, but being a photographer tops that list.

Anyway, ever since Alessandro Ciappana visited my blog, I have been secretly stalking him completely amazed by the wonderful photos he has taken. He is a travel photographer (two things I love rolled into one) and has once again sparked my inner desire of both photography and travel. Though his blog is fairly new, he has probably posted more than I have.  See more of his photos on his page –

TURISTA- roma street portraits, sort of PLAYA! - life on Mexico's coastline

LAOCOLOR – a photo essay from laos FISH EYE BRAZIL – photographs

BOLIVIA – a desert in color

WOW! right?


2 thoughts on “Blog Crush: Alessandro Ciapanna”

    1. I love street photography.
      I can’t think of any way you can repay me… money would be good… just kidding!
      Your blog is inspiring so just keep posting! 🙂


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