Quaint little town of Mondsee

A few years ago, I embarked on my solo tour to Austria and visited the cities of Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Austria is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been too. And I love their national costumes, their dirndls that remind me of Milkmaid and Birch tree commercials that i saw when i was a kid. Yes it was pretty nostalgic, and i loved the country side the most.

When i was in Salzburg, I joined a tour called the original Sound of Music tour. Most of the people I was with were old people who knew every lyric from all the songs of the Sound of Music. It was also a singing tour and you would literally sing on the bus with everyone at the top of their lungs- “the hills are alive with the sound of music…” We visited the Mirabelle gardens, a bunch of castles where they did the filming, even the gazebo where Leizl danced with Rolfe while singing that she was 16, and also a few lakes. Yeah it was a lot of fun! And I wished I had brought my family with me. We would have sung all together and enjoyed the tour.

Our last stop was the little town of Mondsee where the wedding scene was filmed. I loved how small and quaint it was, with their colorful facades and timber framed houses. It is a town located on the lake of Mondsee and there, at one of their quaint cafes, I had my first authentic apple strudel.

Word of the day: quaint


one of their quaint lanes streets of mondsee

an abandoned house

the church where maria and the baron got married
the church where maria and the baron got married

another view

the cafe where I had my apple strudel
braun cafe

view from the chairs

my beloved apple strudel


2 thoughts on “Quaint little town of Mondsee”

  1. thanks for letting us know what you felt about our hometown – you should come back one day and enjoy the big restauration work they did the last years – no it combines “quaint” with kind of “sophisticated”
    thomas from mondsee (moonlake city)


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