All things Ombre

Most of the design/fashion blogs I’m subscribed to are going gaga over the Ombre (ombray) tone. From fashion to furniture, the gradation is visible everywhere. Though I was never one to follow trends, this one seems to give me a slight tingle that makes me want to go for it.

I have no plans to go shopping for anything ombre, but I’m looking forward to some DIY stuff that I can try.

1) Ombre tights

This was the first that caught my attention while I was reading Design sponge‘s article on my google reader. You can get them on etsy for $45. Wow! Though winter is very much over in Dubai, I would still love to wear them by December, paired with one of my minis. Ok, I don’t have a mini, but with one of my skirts.
ombre tights

2) Orange, white and grey ombre dress

I am dress crazy at the moment. Not only are dresses pretty and feminine, but they are also very convenient to wear. I am crushing on this dress from Alicecloset , also on etsy.
ombre dress

3) Suede Graduated Colour clutch

As much as I love this pouch from Zara, AED 425 for something small is not my cup of tea. But like I always say, I accept gifts at any time.
ombre clutch

4) Slouch Tote bag

I love how this bag can make you look all summery and Caribbean-ish. Bag from CheriDemeter from etsy.
ombre slouch tote

5) Ombre curtains

Here’s one for the house. The curtains remind me of the bag where it feels so Caribbean-ish. Perfect for summer! Curtains hand-dyed by Stephmomma of etsy.
ombre curtains

5) Green at heart rugs

I love this shop! She hand braids the coolest rugs. I would love the sunset orange rug for my living area (I live in a studio so that’s also my bedroom).
ombre rugs from green at heart

6) Dresser

This Last item on my list caught my attention on pinterest. This is just pretty. Found out that the main website is in Norsk called or NIB. I have no idea where you can buy it, but it is an easy DIY project.
ombre dresser
There a gazillions of Ombre stuff out there, from hair (yes hair!) to shorts. My list is just about the stuff that I like for myself and if anyone is out there looking for something to get me, here’s where you can get an idea.


4 thoughts on “All things Ombre”

  1. those are all lovely. thanks for sharing this. i love the ombre tights especially.
    i reminded me that i have an ombre scarf that i should use now that it’s colder.


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