The one about the family portraits

I grew up in a tightly knit family where you can never hide much from anyone. We first came to Dubai in 1990 and stayed in a room in Downtown Deira. Imagine growing up without much of a privacy, because my entire family slept in only one room. I remember spending a lot of afternoons with my brothers playing in the sandlot behind our building (where we buried three of our tortoises named Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello) or skateboarding down the basement parking lot of the building opposite. We interfered in each others’ lives because we grew up that way for the fact that we didn’t have much of a choice because of our living conditions. Although we have matured now and are trying to interfere less frequently, we are and will always be a BIG part of each others’ lives.

My youngest brother after getting his degree decided to live in Singapore where he has been residing for the past couple of years. This year he decided to visit Dubai with his wife for his birthday which also happens to be their wedding anniversary. Our family seldom becomes complete because our schedules just do not match. The last time we were complete was during my wedding which was 2 years ago and I was busy then. But during this time, we planned a lot of things to do as a family the main event being our family pictures.

Family pictures are important. I believe that as often as families can get together, pictures should be taken and preserved. It does not have to be done by professionals. The important thing is you have something that you can see to remember the moments you are actually complete.

Just having my brother and his wife (who i sometimes love more than i love my brother) come and visit us has brought us all closer together. It also made us feel like we were kids again, because every time we went out to dinner, my dad would end up footing the bill. hehehe

Here is our family in a serious pose. We call it the rich and arrogant look. We are also wearing the traditional Filipino clothing. My mom is the only one who doesn’t know how to pose angry but is always angry when the house is dirty.

Here is our family in our formal wear but not so formal pose.

Lastly, here is our family in colorful shirts.

I am a stickler for family pictures and like I said, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer to get family portraits done. All you need is to find a good light source, a tripod, a camera with timer and your entire family. The coordinated outfit is optional but adds a lot to the fun. I’ll try to make a post about self portraits sometime before the end of the century… 🙂


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