The one about the red velvet cupcake

I am not a big fan of cupcakes.

Most of the cupcakes I have eaten taste like out of the box-baked from instant cake mixes with super sweet icing- not that i have anything against Mr Pillsbury and Betty Crocker but it just doesn’t taste like anything special. So when I started hearing about red velvet cupcakes I was very much skeptical. Unlike my bubble tea plans, I had no intention of looking for a place to try the red velvet cupcake or any cupcake for that matter.

… well not til the other day when i tried Magnolia Bakery’s glorious cupcakes!
Magnolia bakery

Okay, i just tried two (the red velvet of course and the devil’s food), but they were great.The cake part was light and fluffy, not too crumbly, not dry. It was, by far, the only good cupcake which makes it the best cupcake i have ever had. When i started with the icing, it was WOW. i am not that great with adjectives, as you may have noticed, and the only ones i can come up with right now is light and fluffy… and also smooth. It was just perfect.
i love cupcakes from magnolia bakery

So if ever anybody asks me what red velvet cupcake is the best I’ve ever had, the trophy goes to Magnolia bakery at Bloomingdales. It is quite expensive though, ill probably have another one after six months because i would have to save up for it. Actually it’s only 14 bucks, but since I am unemployed and i live on a very tight budget, I wouldn’t splurge on a cupcake everyday even if i wanted to. However, I do make exception for gifts.


8 thoughts on “The one about the red velvet cupcake”

  1. Girl, I will blow your mind with cupcakes when you come visit me here. I LOVE cupcakes. The secret is… Gourmet. Ol’ regular cupcakes from the store just won’t do.


    1. Hi, so far the best (and worth the price) is magnolia bakery in bloomingdales. I am still searching for a cheaper alternative. Cinnabon has red velvet but it’s so so… Let’s make it a mission to find a cheaper and more acceptable one shall we?


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