The bubble tea in Dubai!!

The bubble tea has finally arrived in Dubai.. I have been hearing and reading about it taking the rest of the world by storm (well, Manila, Australia and Singapore) and I have been wanting to try it. So when I heard that Dubai mall has a stall I was looking for an excuse to go there.

And finally, since my baby brother and his wife was here, I got the excuse i wanted and I was not disappointed! Woohoo!

I ordered the honey milk tea and everyone else ordered the normal milk tea. Both were extremely yummy. They even have fruit teasand I’ll probably try that out next time.

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Bubbles and boba
Dubai mall


4 thoughts on “The bubble tea in Dubai!!”

  1. you’re still awake! :p
    no, its cold tea with sago. i think it’s originally from taiwan or korea. im not sure if Europeans will like the milk with tea taste, but if you do, you should try it.


  2. Hi there,

    How are you doing? I’ve been checking out the news on Bubbles & Boba. Is it selling well in Dubai?

    Thanks a lot!


  3. I’m not sure… I think it’s just gaining popularity… Summer’s about to hit so now is the perfect time for some full blast advertising!


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