Pai Thai at Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah

For our 2nd wedding anniversary last Monday February 13, DH successfully surprised me with a truly romantic dinner.

Before I delve into details, I would have to say that DH has been trying to surprise me ever since we started going out, from birthdays (where he got all my friends to participate but I already knew where he was going to take me) to his proposal (we were taking a walk around zaabeel park and decided to sit at the back of his car with the trunk open. While we were chatting, I patted his bag which was in the trunk and he immediately snatched it from me as if hiding something. Wrong move- DH is such a bad liar. He forgot that when we women find our man being defensive or evasive, we have to find out why then and there. So we fought and struggled and I finally got the hold of the bag. As I rummaged inside, I felt a small box and took it out and saw the ring. I don’t remember if he knelt down, but I remember crying. Tears of joy? Maybe. J).

So when he picked me up last Monday evening, February 13, he had a bunch of flowers and for the first time he knew exactly where to take me and we had reservations. DH never makes reservations so I was very much impressed.

He took me to Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah (one of the most romantic places) in Dubai. You have 3 choices on how to get from the Lobby to the restaurant. You walk (long walk), take one of those buggies or take the abra (an Arabic boat). The resort areas are all linked by waterways, which contributes much to its beautiful ambience. I felt really bad that I didn’t bring my camera and was just trying to make do with a normal digicam but DH told me that it was a good thing because atleast I would concentrate on enjoying the place instead of putting too much effort in getting good pics.

pics of al qasr and pai thai courtesy of, and
at pai thai

DH got us reservations in Pai Thai.The weather was perfect for eating outdoors. The restaurant also had outdoor heaters so even if it was quite chilly, the temperature was just superb. DH told me I could order anything on the menu. I was seriously impressed considering that he is a full blooded Ilocano (an ethnic group in the Philippines who are known for their frugality), so even though I wanted to hold back, I wanted to make the most of the evening. We ordered the papaya salad (som tam) with shrimps and tom yum soup for starters.

yummy papaya salad and tom yum soup

We each ordered mocktails- DH got himself a Shirley temple and I ordered something lemon with mint and coconut juice.(sorry for not remember the exact name)


For the main course, we ordered the pad thai (my favorite thai dish) and kao phad poo (crab fried rice). Before ordering I thought the serving would not be enough since I was famished, but DH and I did not manage to eat everything…

pad thai and crab fried rice... big serving!

We then ordered thai style crème brulee with green tea ice cream for dessert. And the green tea ice cream was good!

thai style creme brulee and complimentary cake

We were both so full we didn’t even manage to taste the complimentary anniversary cake from the hotel.

Overall, I would give Pai thai a 9.5 out of 10. A bit pricey but it was well worth it.

*pictures of Al Qasr and the restaurant were take from the following links – Goboogo’s article- Arriving in Dubai at Al Qasr Madinat, Chow Dubai’s Pai thai, and Timeout Dubai’s Restaurant review on Pai thai.


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