The habit of Focusing on one thing at a time

I tried, I quit and I have returned to try again.

At the beginning of the year, I dared myself to do a sketch a day. Although I a did manage to work on some doodles, I feel like I am not getting any better at it.   Should I recommit? Or should I just drop the project?

But my days of quitting are long gone and I promise to work on a sketch for 20 minutes a day… Michael Nobbs recommends getting a timer to help you focus. I think that is what I lack, focus… I may have the drive, but I lack the focus… I have been working at a company that encouraged multi-tasking so much i have lost the ability to concentrate…

Focus- Something to work on in 2012.

Unfinished sketches
Unfinished sketches
unfinished sketches

Will try to add more color and concentrate more when I do my 20 minutes with my sketch pad and pencil.


3 thoughts on “The habit of Focusing on one thing at a time”

  1. a timer is a good idea! kaya mo yan rachel. you’ll get used to it soon. may i also suggest having a specific time to do your sketching so it will easily become a part of your daily routine?

    i remember reading an article before that the gadgets we have these days such as the smartphones and tablets are not doing us any good when it comes to focus. i hate to agree with what the article said but i too am guilty of checking my phone every now and then even if i consciously try not to.
    the other night, C and I had a pact to lessen use of gadgets at home, to have boundaries and religiously tune out.


  2. Just a quick note before I go to bed (something I really should have done hours ago….lol).
    Great sketches. Have you heard of Every Day Matters an online bunch of people who are all into sketching, journals and trying to get better each day.
    It could be something like that that could give you focus.
    I have the link but I have to go right now – if interested write to me at my blog and I can send you the link.


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