I fell in love with an AED 21 watch

I’m not much of a watch person but I remember one of the first watches I got from my mom for my birthday. I’m not sure it is the first ever watch, but its the first one I have a clear memory of.
I just turned 9 and my mom took me to Pic n save in Deira to buy groceries. She stopped over the watch counters and asked me if I wanted a watch to which I nodded giddily because it meant I was going to get a present. I chose a black plastic watch with a white face and I remember it costing around AED 21. Boy was I happy.
I remember in highschool when everyone started wearing baby gs and those pop swatches, I just couldn’t get one coz they were so darn expensive. All the cool girls had one. I was left with pretending that I didn’t care… But deep down inside, I wanted to be a cool girl.

Fast forward to the present, just the other day, my niece threw a tantrum because we didn’t want to get her a green ice watch. She still does not know how to read time but I think she was just so swept away by how cool the green ice watch was, she wanted one. We all wanted to appease her but the watch cost around AED 350! And no way would we spend that much just to make a crying girl stop. I grew up loving an AED 21 watch, so maybe if I find her a fake one, she’ll love me more… Lol I don’t understand parents who buy their kids these expensive stuff when a cheaper one can suffice. They’ll end up losing, breaking or getting sick of it in a few weeks anyway. unless ofcourse AED 350 is pennies to them…

Image courtesy of voguish fair.onsugar.com

Anyway, what extra thing does the ice watch give you but eye candy? Like I said I am not a watch person so these things are just like accessories that I will never wear.

I like the new swatch touch though with the digital face…

Swatch touch
Image courtesy of swatch.com

What about the up bracelet by jawbone? That is one cool, smart gadget! Maybe I should get my brother one for his 40th birthday. He’s 32 but the way.

Up by jawbone
Up by jawbone
Image courtesy of design-milk.com

This wristband tracks your sleeping patterns, Calories Burned and food intake and has a lot of activities that will motivate you to burn those fats!
Maybe I should get myself one…


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