Silogs and bulalo – a resto find in Satwa

Due to our overly conflicting schedules, DH and I only get to spend a few dinners together in a week. He leaves the house at 5:30 am and gets home at 5 pm. I am too plastered to be awake at 5 am to have breakfast with him(yes I admit that I am a very bad wife) so I get up at 6:30 and leave the house for work around 7:20 am. I get home around 7 pm to which i find DH has already eaten. Unless we make it an absolute plan to eat together, it rarely happens. This is the sad part about both of us working. How I wish I could take the time everyday to prepare dinner for my DH so that when he gets home, all he has to do is eat and relax and maybe later on, wash the dishes… lol

Anyway, last saturday afternoon right after my physiotherapy, we were driving around Satwa to look for a place for brunch when we chanced upon parking in front of Lola’s best (grandma’s best in English) – an authentic Filipino restaurant. There are a handful of Filipino restos in Dubai and I plan to visit each one and blog about it.

Lola's best

We were both very broke at this time of the month, so we were working on a small budget. We decided to go for their daingsilog (fried daing with garlic fried rice and egg) and DH ordered tapsilog (beef tapas with garlic fried rice and egg) both for AED 12 each. My daing was a bit too salty and the portion was small, but the tapas was good. Originally, DH wanted the longsilog (longganisa, fried rice and egg) but when he found out it was chicken, he decided to go for the tapa. But now I’m curious what that chicken longganisa must taste like.

We enjoyed the frugal meal and decided to go back sunday night before church to have bulalo (beef marrow stew). DH is a big fat bulalo lover and if he can have it every week, he will.
Lola’s best’s bulalo had an interesting twist to it. The stew was showered with fried garlic and when you sip the sabaw (Filipino word for soup), you can taste a bit of lemongrass in it. It was good actually. The beef was very soft and there was an ample amount of marrow to suck. You cannot have bulalo without sucking marrow, so that was a treat.


Overall, DH has decided that we should eat there every week since he loved the bulalo so much. Maybe next time I can try their buffet for AED 30 and Sunday is seafood night.


6 thoughts on “Silogs and bulalo – a resto find in Satwa”

  1. glad to know that there are good filipino restaurants there. we know one or two Filo resturants here in Sydney but in our suburb, there are the usual karinderyas–the usual small, canteen-like kainans we have in the phils.

    baliktad naman tayo. ako naman ang nauunang umuwi while chris comes home a bit later. ideal in a way because I’m the one who cooks. if he’s running late, i eat already but when he comes home, i still sit with him on the table–him having dinner and me having tea or fruits. i try to sit with him even if only a few minutes so we can just ask each other how our day went. since I was the one who cooked, chris takes care of washing the dishes. division of labour dahil pareho lang ding kaming nag-work so akong tiga-luto, sya ang tiga-hugas.

    i don’t cook everday. on weekends, i do bulk cooking so some days during the week, we’d have food to heat up instead. maybe you can do that too so DH won’t have to cook when he comes home.

    *bulk cooking sample: if i cook Menudo on Saturday, i keep half of the dish in a container and store it in the freezer. on Sunday, I’d cook beef steak and keep the half in the freezer again. so for that week, I’d have two containers of cooked food, that would mean two dinners for us during the week, two nights i won’t have to cook.

    I’d also cook a veggie dish that will last us at least three dinners to partner with any fish or meat dish during the week.

    it saves time, energy and household costs.


    1. There’s a Pinoy resto here in every corner! it would be cool to blog about each and everyone, which I am planning to by the way… And hopefully even spread some background about which province the cook is from…
      There are also some turo turo places here. And they are always the cheapest. They have meals for 10 AED, that includes sabaw, 2 types of ulam and rice. Cool right?


  2. Thanks for this! I will definitely visit that place when I get to Dubai on June. BTW, I love your collage. I’m planning to build up a blog with lots of pictures but with less space by making collages. Any advice? Thanks!


    1. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my entry. Is it your first time to come here? Maybe we can meet up for coffee or something… Lemme know…

      I’m an old blogger that is still learning, and i have learned that the hardest part is to be consistent.. When it comes to my collages, I use photoshop to edit or nostalgio in my iPad… I didn’t have a computer for some time, so I blogged from my iPad. I made a post about it somewhere here…


      1. Thanks for the reply! 🙂
        Yes, I’ll be in Dubai on June. I still have to undergo training in Manila for a month. I would love to meet you! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blogs, they’re very helpful, esp for a first-timer like me. I’ll let you know once I get there. 🙂 Thanks again! 🙂


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