How to blog with an iPad

As everyone knows, since the beginning of the year, I have been missing an essential gadget in my life- my MacBook pro. Blogging has taken a backseat because psoting on ipad safari is a pain and not having a computer meant the following:
– no downloading of pictures from my dslr
– no editing of pictures
– no access to pics from my hard drive
– uncomfortable typing
– recurrent loss of posts when I access WordPress dashboard on safari and I accidentally brush the screen with my fingers
– difficult navigation when editing posts on safari
– I just don’t like WordPress for iPad

I can come up with a lot more reasons that are valid (to me mostly) but I am constantly reminded of the saying that if there is a will, there is a way.

So I’ve been trying to find ways to post and have come up with a routine that will help me (or anyone in the same position) post with ease and I came up with the following apps for my use…
fingersIpad apps

1) Do all typing with the notes app. The interface is much easier. The fonts are eye friendly. It’s so easy to edit, delete, correct with this app. Much smoother than accessing WordPress directly on safari.

2) Take my pictures with my iPad. I know that means my photography has to take a backseat but I have learned that photos are essential with posts. I myself am much drawn to posts with pictures.

3) Edit photos with iPad. Yes! There is a free app for photo editing that I use called Snapseed. It was introduced by my good friend Chris, who happens to be the husband of my blog buddy, the charmed wife- Ivy. I also downloaded a new app (for $0.99 or aed 3.50 for my Dubai friends) called Nostalgio that arranges your photos into a square layout. Perfect for photo collages. I add text through another free program called Skitch. After all the photo editing, i upload all photos thru the free Photobucket app on my iPad. Voila!

4) I just cut and paste the stuff I wrote from my notes to WordPress on safari. I don’t like using the WordPress app because the interface is a bit stiff and whenever I upload, my posts don’t seem to look right. Anyway, I get my photo links from my Photobucket app and just keep cutting and pasting…

So there you have it. I hope I will be more consistent. It’s a bit more time consuming than working with a computer but it’s the only way for me right now and I can actually blog everywhere I go… Which means I no longer have an excuse except pure laziness… Lol

Do you have any other suggestions on applications I can use in my iPad? Lemme know.



One thought on “How to blog with an iPad”

  1. i also use Notes for blogging when I don’t have a laptop with me and just copy & paste it to the blogger interface.

    if you have an iPad, you can also use Instagram for photos. I also use Snapseed sometimes but favors Instagram coz it’s more user-friendly. for photo collages, i use Diptic.


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