Indian food and anniv brunch

Indian food is not something i would recommend to first timers if they fall under the following categories

1) if they are not the adventurous type and they are very hungry- i remember bringing a friend of mine to a pretty famous pakistani (similar to indian food) restaurant called karachi darbar. She didn’t enjoy it and I was stuck enjoying everything by myself… she ended up going one hungry

2) if they don’t like spicy food – Indian food is no good if it does not make you sweat. I have tried Indian food that was mild, and they were no fun. It felt bland and there was no kick.

3) if they are traditional Chinese- I hope I don’t offend any Chinese readers, but I still need to meet a Chinese (adventurous or not) who would enjoy Indian food. Its Not because they wont like the spiciness of the cuisine because there are a lot of spicy Chinese food out there (I.e. Sichuan dishes) but its because when it comes to their food, the Chinese are so used to very little diversity. Most of my friends from china are very traditional when it comes to food and Indian food is so different from their food, they might cry afterwards… Not really, but they won’t enjoy it.

My parents introduced me and my bros to Indian food at a very young age. Living in city with so many diverse cultures gave us the advantage of being more adventurous with many aspects of our lives – especially food. We use to enjoy Monday nights eating out in Bur Dubai at a restaurant called Khyber(which is sadly no longer there). I don’t remember enjoying the food when I was a kid. I just went because we were forced to and because they had one of those play areas with lots of plastic balls. But as I grew up I kept finding myself craving for their curries and their butter nans.

I haven’t had Indian food for quite some time so when DH asked me if I wanted to eat at an Indian resto for our anniversary brunch, I immediately said ‘aye!’ well no, not really, but I nodded in agreement. We ate at a small resto called Green chillies in discover gardens. It was only 10:30 am when we arrived so the place just opened up and was still empty.

We ordered the veggie spring rolls as a starter which was quite crispy and tasty. I am not a big fan of veggie spring rolls but this was an exception. I ordered the chicken butter boneless (my fave) and DH had something with beef (I have really bad memory). They also had other asian cuisine in their menu so we also ordered some Korean fried rice.

The chicken butter boneless was great. It was just mildly spiced. I had some butter Nan’s with it. Yummmmy! The beef thing was also very good. Me and DH gave it a two thumbs up. The rice was also not bad. It was something new for us actually. Although I wished the crispy noodle was crispier. I had some mango lassi with my food and DH had a soda. – something out of topic- do you like the new coca cola slogan?

Overall the food was good and economical. I would rate it a 4.5 out of 5.


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