The 366 day challenge

Well, this isnt really anything new, but it’s a first for me. I have challenged myself to make  366 sketches, one for everyday of this leap year… I started off with things from the ‘everyday matters challenge’ list, which was generally inspired by Danny Gregory’s book Everyday matters. For the past four days I have made four small sketches which tooke up less than 10 minutes of my time. I’m still quite rusty but my sketches are pretty much recognizable. 🙂 My cousin in Australia was the first to inspire me to take up art journaling.  And every time she posted her stuff in Facebook, I wanted to buy myself some art materials and start drawing. Although there were times I did go and buy the materials, there were only a few days when I actually sat down and drew something… But this year is going to different, isn’t it?

My morning and afternoon tea and my feet


Here are a few interesting 366 days challenge taken up by some people.

1) Lisa Congdon’s 365 days of hand lettering – I am sucker for handmade stuff

2) The Thrift’s 365 days of thrifty living – you have to hand it to this family… They survived for almost a year and then what happened to them?

3) 365 days of decluttering– maybe I can try this next year? Lol

4) One of my faves- The daily monster-artist Stefan Bucher draws one monster a day.

5) Doug maverick’s 365 videos on his YouTube channel


What’s your 366 days challenge to yourself? Care to share?


2 thoughts on “The 366 day challenge”

  1. good luck on your 366-day challenge. i envy you and your cousin who can sketch. wish i had the talent but nada hehe.

    i’ve never done any yearly challenge. i wanted to but i had to be realistic with my capacity to do so. on the upside, i do have my regular features on my blog (wanderlust wednesdays, fashion fridays, discovered inspirations, affirmations) so dun ko na lang binabawi 🙂


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