Making things work

I just recently finished reading the book ‘sustainable creativity’ by Michael Nobbs. And as I read about how he constantly tried to find the perfect tools to get anything done and ending up consuming a lot of time and sometimes getting nothing done, i was struck with the realization that that is exactly me. I remember days when i would keep spend hours trying to find a nice layout for my blog and ending up not blogging at all.i have learned that the best solution is to keep things simple… Even if I don’t have a laptop right now, I will blog with my iPad. There might not be epictures, but Atleast I’m writing…

My mantra for 2012 is – Spread thepositive vibes and Make everyday matter. Enough with the pessimism and do something that I love everyday. It may be to spend time sketching, or writing a post for this blog, or taking photos… Maybe pick up my guitar and learn a new song… Or my violin… I don’tnecessarily need to do all of them, but Atleast one…



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