My Accomplishments for 2012

Being a chronic pessimist, I look back to 2011 with an overflowing bucket of regrets- an endless list of things I wished I did, things I wished I didn’t do, opportunities I wished I had grabbed, words I should and shouldn’t have said etc. -are circulating in my head. I know that if I write these things down, it would take me forever. But after reading this article from dé from my googlereader list, I am inspired to be positive and instead make a list of accomplishments I have made the past year. The following is not arranged by any specific way and is just written as they spout out of my head.

1)       I am currently writing my 25th post in this blog.

25 posts is a BIG thing for me. I have been an on and off blogger since 1998. Inspired by Doogie Howser MD since I was a kid, I kept a diary while growing up and eventually started writing online when we first got our internet connection during my senior year in high school. My first official blog page was in blogdrive – (page is still alive by the way; I have no idea why I stopped blogging). And after that I kept starting other blog pages that I eventually ignored after 10-15 posts. I admit I am what the Filipinos call, ningas kugon– I get too excited in the beginning and then when the excitement goes away, I end up slowing things down and eventually stopping.

I also had other things planned for this page, but it seems like making it personal is working for me. And I hope by this time next year, I at least would have passed the 100 posts mark.  

2)      I finished a photography workshop

I took up a workshop on basic photography August of this year. Although I was not consistent with my attendance because halfway through the workshop, I had my miscarriage, I still managed to pass all my requirements and graduate.  I need more practice though, but still, I finished something.

3)      I have finally gone a trip with DH

I wouldn’t count our Manila trip June 2010 as a good trip for me and DH. But travelling to CHINA, a place I consider as neutral because we both were tourists, was a really good thing for both of us. First off, even though I was incapacitated and in a wheel chair, my husband proved that he will take care of me if he didn’t have the choice (chuckle inserted here). Secondly, it was nice to experience being fascinated of the same thing with him. Third, my love for travel and culture is finally rubbing off on him.

Our plan for 2012- AUSTRALIA.

I am sure I have more accomplishments that I can ‘brag about’ but at this point, I really cannot think of anything else. However, I know now that I have three things I am happy about that I can say I have accomplished in 2011. What about you? It’s time to make a different list this year.


Wondering where I’m blogging? I am  in my Dad’s office which used to be my bedroom, on the big desk which used to be mine.

my posters are still here

notes, clippings and picturesvan gogh

and some of my old books are still here.
old books
i miss this room which still has traces of my other crap…
my dummyold desk

… my sanctuary.


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