So far so good

I am really in a rut at the moment… My laptop died on me and I don’t know if I should try to get it fixed or if itwould be cheaper to just wait for a few months to save up and buy a new one.That laptop has beennwith me for over four years now and it only has one functioning fan. Which is probably what caused it todie… Over fatigue.

Sure that issue has discouraged me fromwriting posts. But I’m trying to discipline myself to beconsistent at something… I am writing now from my iPad even if typing is a challenge and the screen seems to be small.  I want to keep writing until I start to make sense… And I know I have to do a little everyday to accomplish that…

It really is encouraging to have a blogger friend who you try to keep up with. And she left me this advice as the first comment on my blog. I am reposting so that anybody looking for a clue on how to start will have an idea… I hope it will help u as much as it has helped me.

Hi Rachel,
I’m so glad to finally follow you in twitter (thanks for the follow ) and happy too that you blog as well

good luck on blogging and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

my only reason for starting a blog is to communicate to loved ones. it was introduced to me by my cousins and from then on, it became our way of communication. we didn’t need to send emails…we just go to our blogs to see photos and read updates about us (wala pa kasing friendster or myspace noon).

I became more active in blogging when i moved here to australia because i wanted my parents and friends to know what’s happening in our lives. i didn’t know then that i was gradually becoming more active in the blogosphere. My blog “A Wife’s Charmed Life” also slowly became more defined online which i let slide naturally. As I learn on the ways of blogging, my blog evolved into something else other than just a personal site. On its 2nd year, it had evolved into a lifestyle blog…and on it’s 3rd year, it was also considered a food blog.


Time will always be a challenge in blogging…because it always takes time to think, be creative, share photographs and write about things that will interest the readers.

Focus on what you want to write about. a blogger has to decide what kind of blog he/she is aiming for–whether it is a personal blog, a travel blog, a lifestyle blog, photoblog, etc. In my case, i have turned my blog into a lifestyle blog because i like writing about my food, travel and home adventures.

Write with honesty but be responsible with what you put out there.

Be visible online. Use twitter and social networking sites to interact with other bloggers or tweeters. not only do you earn an audience, you will find that the online world is also a place where you can find true friends.

Link up! Link ups to other sites/blogs will get you rankings for Google Page Rank which results to advertisements for your sites (example: ). If you look on the right side of my blog, you’ll see the a button that say “page rank 3″–that’s the page rank.

Blog regularly. the more you blog, the more chances your site will appear on Google Search pages.

Put Google ads on your site. This is the easiest way for you blog to earn. Learn about how your wordpress site can enable you to put Google Ads.

I’m sorry this is long…but I hope this is helpful.



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