China Recap – Haixinsha Asian Games Park and Guangdong Museum

On our second day (3rd day if you count our arrival in China) our good friend, Robin and Grandma, brought us to the Haixinsha Asian Games park located in the financial district area. This was the venue of the 2010 Asian games and in the same area, you can find a lot of tourist attractions such as the Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou New Library, the Children’s palace, Guangzhou Opera House, the CCTV tower, and an underground mall (which is under construction but is worth mentioning) called the Mall of the World.signs

The park is surrounded by a flurry of activities. There are a lot of tourists hanging around. Since the park is also adjacent to the financial district, i am assuming that the people in business attire are the people who work in the nearby towers. Either that, or the Chinese just like dressing up.

1) cyclists in the park 2) the Guangzhou International Finance Center tower 3) Grandma and Robin

1) CCTV Tower in Guangzhou, 2) Opera House/Theatre, 3) a LARGE sculpture of a bug on roots
frank among the lanters
DH among the lanterns

We decided to visit the Guangdong Museum since the entrance is FREE (i love museums!). We only needed to show our ID and we were set. It was a really big museum. We didn’t even get to finish looking through every exhibit because we just did not have enough time. We only got to see the history of Guangdong and some of its natural resources. Which was already A LOT.

DH infront of the Guangdong Museum
museum tickets
you can see an atrium once you enter the building
dragon boat
Cantonese living and dragon boat
Tea time
the important people in Guangzhou history
Important people in Guangzhou history
hanging with the sharks
large painting
large painting depicting the Cantonese life

It was a really rich experience learning about the history and culture of Guangzhou and the Chinese people. It made me respect the Chinese all the more. We were exhausted after just finishing two exhibitions and we didnt even get time to eat. I didnt like the museum food much. and their souvenir shop didnt have enough souvenirs. which was the only negative thing for me… apart from that, for something free, Guangdong museum is THE BOMB. 🙂

DH having a BBQ before going inside the hotel

One thought on “China Recap – Haixinsha Asian Games Park and Guangdong Museum”

  1. I have visited the Guangdong Provincial Museum 5 occasions. It opened up only one last year included in Guanzghou’s transformation focal point Gem River New Town Square for that Asian Games. It is just one of a cluster of smartly designed buidlings which include the Guangdong Opera House and many other museums. The dwelling, created by Rocco Affiliates, is sort of a shattered cube. Inside and outside, your building looks great, although there’s items that was certainly added or deducted with no designers knowing.


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