China trip recap part 2- Frolicking around Guangzhou 1

We stayed in Guangzhou from the 1st of December (arrival) till the 5th (early morning departure for Shenzhen). Even if we had 3 whole days to spend in the city, i feel like we couldnt cover a lot of the city to actually say we have conquered it. There is still a lot to see and definitely these are good enough reasons to come back some time in the future.

We had cantonese tea for breakfast on our first morning. Our dear friends, Robin and Jenny, picked us up from the hotel to walk to the same restaurant where we had dinner the previous night. It was a very cold morning. This is when we realized we didnt really bring enough clothes for this weather.

sweater frankrachel cold wheelchair

Cantonese tea is similar to the Filipino Turo-turo or the Japanese sushi bar, where you choose precooked dishes in small quantities (plates) for you to eat. When our friends told us that we were having cantonese tea for breakfast, DH immediately told me that he might still be hungry after eating because he thought we would only be having tea. But when we got there, the bulk of small dishes was a lot to get us stuffed. I am such a bad blogger because i do not remember much of what we ordered, and i didnt take enough pictures coz i was too busy eating, but my favorite was the rice noodle and their fresh veggies.

1) jelly like food (i really had no idea) but it had something with red beans in it 2) chicken feet in red curry (DH's fave) 3) shrimp dimsum (super yummey!) , the one behind it is the rice noodles that I love love love! and then next to it is some shrimp rolls

we pretty much had cantonese tea for breakfast everyday, and we tasted around a total of 15 mini dishes. i only regret that i didnt take pictures of each coz i was always lazy and hungry. that’s something i need to change in my coming trips.

cantonese tea day 3
our cantonese tea spread at another resto

On our first day, i didnt have enough pictures because my camera died. 🙂 however our first stop was the Guangzhou Memorial Garden to the Martyrs (Lieshi Lingyuan)- which is a community park/site dedicated to the 5000 revolutionists who died on the 13th December 1927 under the orders of Chang Kai Shek. It is actually supposed to be the burial ground of these 5000 martyrs. The entrance is a long walk way with bushes and trees lined up leading up to a monument.


Most of the people at the parks were old people, who did their morning exercises with their friends or with their grandchildren.

1) the ladies dancing while balancing a ball with a paddle. 2) wushu with a fan 3) monuments were scattered all over the park 4) kung fu complete with their Chinese gear
1) monuments for different heroes were all over the park 2) a poet was writing on the pavement with water.

Spending time in the park made me realize how physically fit most of the Chinese were. They exercised even if they were old, and you can barely see anyone in their 70’s who is unable to walk. They socialized and made sure they were active, which is a really good trait. However, I did stick out like a sore thumb in my wheelchair. DH kept pointing out that the old people felt sorry for me.

After the park, we went to Beijing Lu- one of the premier shopping hubs in Guangzhou. Its famous not because you can get a good bargain, but because the street is pretty much preserved. By this time my camera didnt have any more battery so my photos are all taken by my blackberry. We ate mostly street food and visited the Big Buddha Temple hidden along alleyways and narrow streets.

waiting for street food…

big buddha temple

We had hot pot for dinner- authentic schezuan hotpot! DH had no complaints! 🙂

hotpot with lotus flower and ginseng tea

Right after dinner, our dear friends treated us to the Pearl River Cruise, which is the perfect setting for some night photography… and for some smooching. (DH went on deck to take photos and caught a lot of couples smooching) The weather was freezing and i couldnt go on deck because of my leg, but we got a VIP room because of it so i had no complaints. Too bad though, i didn’t get the chance to practice night photography (one of the things I’m really bad at) because my camera still didn’t have any batteries. But the BB was still helpful.

Sites during the Pearl River cruise

It was an exhausting but full day. We got back to the hotel at around 9 PM. It was a really good first day.



2 thoughts on “China trip recap part 2- Frolicking around Guangzhou 1”

  1. LOL! Okay I am going to spam you with replies because your blog is interesting. Hehehe.

    Hahaha. I also thought Cantonese Tea was actually tea. Just tea. So is it some kind of a dish? Or some kind of menu? Or a resto? I’m puzzled. But wow all those food look soooo good. How were the prices? Was it too pricey or quite affordable?

    It’s awesome how people in China really practice Kung Fu. How they just do their stuff out in the public – like how we see them in movies. That’s awesome. You think most of Chinese people know how to Kung Fu? Come to think of it, I have never seen an obese Chinese :S

    What’s their street food like? Does it compose of live creatures or innards just like us Filos? And wow you can eat a lotus flower? Hahaha.

    HAHAHA. Did you and Kuya Frank do some smooching too? Or TMI?


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