Christmas wishlist for DH

i have been contemplating on what to get DH (Dear Husband) for Christmas. I feel the need to really get him something since i missed giving him a special birthday because of my operation (Nov 28 was his birthday). I also havent been giving him anything since we got married. It’s jsut weird that ever since i got married, i have been having a hard time with presents.

Anyhoo, i compiled a list of things i wish i could give him and now i have less than a week to get him something

1) a VOLVO XC90

image courtesy of

if you’re gonna dream for your man, dream big! right? Everyday i get home from work, i find DH scanning Dubizzle for any used cars he might want to but have no plans of purchasing. And a Volvo family car is number one on those things he constantly checks out.

its cool, its what he wants, i have no idea what the specs are, but i bet its great. and i know his car is my car, so a nice car would also be a plus plus for me. the interiors look great. if you want more info- check out this link.


if i can’t get him a car, i would love to pimp his old car with new mags. Our car is pretty much beaten up from the daily drive from Jebel ali to Abu Dhabi and then back to Jebel Ali. i asked around a few months ago and each mag costs around 250 -500 dhs. so make that 4 wheels and i am a thousand bucks poorer… Although there are no websites of shops that sell them things, you can just take a short visit around satwa (near the bus station) or in Deira (near Hypermarket) for some shops… Also there are some in Sharjah (near the post office going towards the clock tower) where the mags might be cheaper.

something orange might be cool hehehe

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3. Leather upholstery for his car

why is it that i cant seem to think of other things to buy DH except for stuff for his car? we’ve been quibbling about getting his car reupholstered, he wants leather, i want not leather… leather gets too hot in the summer! Anyway, i still need to research on the prices for getting this kind of upholstery but i saw this company and their work looks great! Im pretty much changing my mind about leather.

4. new basketball shoes

DH has been eyeing the new shoes from Nike and i really think they are ugly. lol. But still, i would love to get these for DH even if it makes me 800 dirhams poorer.

lebron 9
pics courtesy of


My husband is a very simple man. He grew up not being accustomed to having stuff so he is not as materialistic as me (a whole hearted confession was just made here). That is why i dont want to get him just any shirt or bag, i want to get him what he wants which is seldom something he asks for.

Anybody else has gift ideas for guys who dont really ask for much?


3 thoughts on “Christmas wishlist for DH”

  1. You are so sweet 🙂
    But yeah. It’s hard to shop for a guy who don’t really ask for much. I remember you telling me years ago when I ask you the same question was to just get a guy what he needs. What he’ll be able to use everyday.
    I’m sorry I can’t really help you here. Hehehe. I have no idea how to shop for a guy. Did you try asking him already?


  2. I think it’s just gonna be the basketball shoes. I have asked him and he has read this list and loved it, but the most affordable one is shoes. 🙂


  3. Awww. Yes, I agree. It really is sweet 🙂
    Yes, those shoes are more affordable than the others on the list, but WOW! 800 bucks for just a pair of shoes. WHOA. Anong meron sa shoes na yon? Can it make you jump higher and run faster? Because it’s really costly.


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