the postcards on the wall

i have a small collection of postcards from friends all over the world, and some postcards i got from my travels (i havent done much travelling but still…). i tried mounting them on the wall above my computer and work area, but after a week or two, most of them have fallen off. I used my washi masking tapes (from japan) so that i don’t really ruin the writing side, but i guess it’s not strong enough… i need something stronger.

this looks so inspired but so messy recommends using blue tack (image from
more postcards recommends clear scotch tape. i feel that will ruin the back of the postcards (image from

apartment therapy has tackled the question before but for easily changeable postcards. the problem is, i would have to drill on the wall again…

postcards on pegs
postcards on pegs from apartment

i really want somethng simple. just like madison in june but my postcards are not all the same size.

properly aligned postcards from

ali in a bubble seems to have the problem all figured out on how to arrange the cards, but what i would really like to know from her is how she got them on her wall.

postcard wall
one word- AWESOME! photo from

this irregularity is more of what i am going for.

random postcards
image from

looked through the web for a bit of inspiration and found this post in one of my fave blogs – young house love

postcards on the wall
postcards on the wall from

but this would mean boring holes into the wall… something DH might not approve of…

henihoo, if anyone has suggestions i would love to hear it from you.


3 thoughts on “the postcards on the wall”

  1. these are all lovely suggestions. i have a growing collection of postcards and someday, one day, i will get to sorting it out. i plan to do it the same way apartment therapy did.


  2. I have my postcard collection on my wall and just used sticky tack. One may fall every once in a while, but I just pop it back on up there. Currently they’re in a grid, but I think I’m going to go for the irregular display to change things up.


    1. yeah i guess the sticky tack is the best idea. Its also something that isnt permanent so you can rearrange anytime you want. thanks for the feedback lindsey!


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