My Christmas Wishlist

yes, i have dreams. i have dreams of having billions of dollars stashed up in different banks across the world… i dream of being able to afford to leave my job and do something i really like… i dream of having the best stuff and being able to afford to travel…

ok, this post is not about my dreams. its actually about a list of the coolest stuff i know that are out there that i would really really appreciate someone would give me. ofcourse, that is wishful thinking coz i barely know anybody who are THAT RICH and THAT GENEROUS. although i do know a lot of generous people, but anyway, i am going to blog only about 8 things… some expensive and some just out of reach in Dubai.

8. An IMAC. 

yes. i want one. the latest one. i already own a macbook pro (which has one defective fan) and it’s still working great. However, an IMAC has a big screen, the latest one has a faster processor and it would really look COOL on my messy desk.

work area
current working area

7. An organized work area

a place for everything and everything in its place. yes. i need storage. a storage with doors. my stuff are everything and it’s getting on DH’s nerves. and when it does get on DH’s nerves, he gets on my nerves… so to prevent domestic violence, i need a desk height storage cabinet (or two), a bunch of those green boxes from IKEA (i already have a couple but i need more) and a trash can. i don’t have a trash can.

7. Letterpress metal stamping set.

I want one of those small ones. i want one from etsy with a sans-serif font. something like this.

letter stamping set
letter stamping set from cantonbox company from etsy

although this is something i can get for myself, there are no stores in Dubai that sells this… atleast none that i know of.

6. a YUDU

i love screen printing and ive never done it. so i want a small machine that will help me screen print. that’s it. i can make my shirts, my bags, other stuff. this is soooo cool!

Yudu machine from provocraft. image courtesy of

5. An epic tool and the letter press kit.

i was once at this store in dubai called paperlane, and the attendants asked me what kind of crafter i am, and i had no idea what they were talking about… anyway, the story has nothing to do with this next item, except that i liked that store and i believe they sold this EPIC tool there.

i love paper. i do. all sorts of paper. especially the textured ones. the ones with the nice prints. the really thin light ones. i love letterpress stationary. and it would be so cool if i can make my own… and these tools are what every letterpress junky would get high on.

letterpress and epic 6
letterpress and epic. image courtesy of

4. new silhouette cameo

it cuts your paper into any shape you want! wow! and its also SLEEK!

silhouette cameo
the silhouette cameo. image courtesy of silhouette america

3. Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

my SIGMA wide angle lens is broken. i need a new one. i’m travelling soon so i need one.

the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi. panoramic shot taken with my kit lens.

2. the LYTRO


the LYTRO in red

ok i want the blue one with 16 GB of memory… red is not my color.


my 400D is more than 5 years old. my camera needs a lot of tweaking and camera maintenance. it needs cleaning. sad. i love it, but i need something new, something heavier, something more pro… although i’m not pro and probably will take 20 years before i turn pro but i would like to have that feeling of being pro.

eos 7d

And there ends my story. its quite long but i like the feeling of finally getting it all down on paper and maybe down the line, not necessarily before the end of this year, preferably in 5 years, i would be able to cross the items off of this list one by one.


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