So, ive been unable to blog for the past few days. I sort of injured myself two weeks ago while playing volleyball and didnt go to the right doctor afterwards. Fastforward to the present, and i keep finding myself losing my balance and hurting my heel.

When i decided to get it checked, i find out that my achilles tendon has ruptured and i would need to wear a cast for a period of time with a possibility of a surgery if my MRI shows a complete rupture.

Christmas socks
my Christmas socks

I dont have a problem with surgery. i like the few moments before a surgery, right after they inject that thing that makes you sleepy and they start asking you about your life… the doctors and the nurses really sound genuinely interested in what you have to say… and you have the nice things about you in your mind right before you fall asleep… its the waking up that’s a nightmare. you want to stay asleep, but the inconsiderate procedure requires you to be awaken by a nurse.

anyway, i have a trip to China coming up on the 1st of December. how can i do all that site seeing?

the sucky part about having a cast is the inability to walk. i have never valued my two voluptuous legs as much compared to the time when i didnt have a cast. i raise my glass to the people who have been handicapped all their lives. they are heroes who live through everyday with an attitude that even if they don’t have every faculty working right, they manage. i have been trying to get through my everyday by myself, but since today is just day 3 of my right foot in a cast, i am still a bit needy… i love how everyone (especially the strangers) is so willing to help me out though. and i hate it when the people you count on are the ones who make you feel that they resent that you cannot function like you use to.

day 3 and off to work
day 3 and off to work

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