babies everywhere!

just recently, i got the news that three of my friends were pregnant. being a frustrated pregnant woman (with all of my pregnancies ending up in miscarriages), hearing the news gave me a feeling that was 80% happiness, 15% sadness and 5% jealousy… i did my best for that 5% to go away, and i think now, im over it. God will provide. In His time.

everyone is truly living up to the commandment to go and replenish the earth… everyone either just had babies, or are pregnant or are making babies or want to make babies. here are some of my awesome baby friends.

i love mama sam
sam likes to make noise... all the time. 🙂
my brother baby
miggy drools like there is no tomorrow 🙂 but i love his hair!
baby vito
Vito is so cool, he let me take his pic naked. it was hard to keep him still though
baby matthew
matthew does not like me. but he likes to stare at me.
baby farah talks a lot. especially about the traffic.
baby rylie
the smallest baby in the bunch... we dont talk that much.

i have other baby friends, but i dont get to see them much… maybe ill take their picture some time soon.


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