Levitation levitation

we’ve all done it with a group of friends, most of the time at the beach, or even at the park. its nothing complicated and the trick is to get the timing right. Then we end up with wacky pictures, most of the time with just the same concept of someone in the air. i never really saw it as any type of interesting photography, until a friend of mine introduced me to natsumi’s photography which really captured amazing levitation shots. i use to just call it ‘jump’ pictures, coz you have to ‘jump’ at just the right time. and now, i actually know the correct term. Now Natsumi’s shots are amazing. they look so natural. and most of them are self portraits. you have to admit that its really hard to take a picture of yourself in mid air. She looks effortless in all her shots. It must have taken years of practice to be that good…

So i looked through my hard drive and tried to see my levitation shots the past few years…


jc jumping
may 2006 swimming
pretty faces
talon talon!


aya iris me
bored chicks
more bored chicks and chicco
jumping people
day out
day out with ayah and wendell... and a little bit too much flesh
eid crabbing
eid crabbing


bohol pic kel
kel in bohol
family pic
family pic at the burj al arab


desert safari


kristalvatten- my lone eurotip

i will post some recent photos soon…


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